Air quality in New Delhi, India

Ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5) levels in Delhi, India rank among the highest levels routinely measured in any city in the world. Annual average PM2.5 concentrations in Delhi are roughly ~150 µg m-3, or about 15 times higher than WHO guideline concentrations, and respectively 8 and 1.5 times higher than levels in Los Angeles and Beijing. High PM2.5 levels in Delhi are driven by a combination of unfavorable local meteorology and an unusually diverse mixture of local sources. PM sources in the Delhi area include light- and heavy-duty vehicle traffic emissions and associated road dust, solid fuel combustion for heating and cooking, waste burning, thermal power plants, diesel generators, construction, and small-scale local industries (e.g., brick manufacturing).

Our research group conducts field and modeling studies to characterize sources and levels of pollution in India. Current projects include: (i) characterizing wintertime pollution episodes in Delhi and (ii) performance evaluation of lower-cost PM monitoring techniques.

Delhi AQ

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