Prof. Joshua Apte

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From 2015-2020, I was an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas. Effective 7/1/2020, I have moved to UC Berkeley, and maintain an affiliate appointment at UT-Austin. Prior to joining UT-Austin, I was the ITRI-Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

My core training is in air quality engineering and in techniques for air pollution exposure assessment: understanding the sources, physicochemical transformations, and spatial patterns of the pollution that people breathe, and methods for reducing these exposures. I also have experience in data science, energy analysis, and health risk assessment. Much of my research is motivated by a desire to identify technologies, policies and strategies for improving the environmental sustainability of cities and the built environment, and to reduce inequities in exposures to environmental contaminants. I have a strong regional interest in Asia and elsewhere in the developing world.


Postdoctoral, 2014, Environmental Energy Technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
PhD, 2013, Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley
MS, 2008, Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley
ScB, 2004 Environmental Science, Brown University
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email: JSApte {at} utexas {dot} edu
mail: 301 E. Dean Keeton St. Stop C1700, Austin, Texas 78712-0273
office: Room 5.422, Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Hall (ECJ)